SSUB Medium PV Support System

Roof Runner are very pleased to introduce our brand new Solar Steel SS UB Ultra base PV support system.

The framework has been minimised to achieve the fastest and simplest of installations for all landscape and portrait combinations. As always we only use British sourced material and parts to offer the highest of quality standards.

All framework is galvanised to provide a minimum 20 year warranty and every base profile comes complete with a 40 mm polyethelene foam protective pad which is suitable for all worldwide soft membrane roof structures.

SSUB Light PV Support System

The SS UB LIGHT support system is suitable for installations that require less ballast weights.

The rear wind deflector reduces uplift potential forces to create minimal ballast loadings of 30 kg per panel dependent upon location parameters. Protective ethafoam base feet come as standard to allow installations upon any worldwide soft membrane roof structure.The wind deflector simply bolts on to the rear foot for a fast and secure supporting system.

Features and benefits:

Roof Runner solar pv framework